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It takes a lot to keep the oil and gas industry running smoothly and efficiently – Krystal 12 Limited has the experience, resources, coverage and expertise to do just that.Whether it’s the transportation of a drill pipe to a land-based yard, rig mobilization, agency services for supplies and personnel, or delivering specialized heavy equipment and spare parts through an integrated supply chain, Krystal 12 Limited offers flexible, customized marine and land logistics services to meet your needs.


Krystal 12 Limited is a supply chain management solution provider, with core competencies in the provision of comprehensive product handling services, which includes but not limited to creating customized logistics solutions, providing required infrastructure and equipment, inventory and stock management services.

Our unique land logistics offering creates value for customers through a partnership model focused on delivering a seamless platform for the efficient matching of supply and demand. This platform is driven through the use of strategic infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, as well as highly skilled and trained professionals.


We provide marine vessel services to the oil and gas industry. Our vessels provide support for the entire upstream oil and gas chain from exploration, development, production and decommission.

We aim to provide our clients with safe, reliable and cost effective support services to meet the challenges of their marine and sub-sea projects. The company is positioned to be the one stop provider of offshore support services in Nigeria. We provide vessels such as

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel
  • Platform Support Vessels
  • Crew Boats/Tugs
  • Dive Support Vessels
  • Accommodation Barges, etc