Elevate Workplace Safety-- To ensure the safety of every employee, we are a stockist of a full range of personal protective equipment, offering the complete solution to all your safety requirements.

When it comes to maintaining the highest safety standards, Krystal12 is your go-to partner. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of workwear clothing, safety supplies and top-quality personal protective equipment sourced from trusted manufacturers globally. With our dedicated team’s expertise, we ensure the availability of essential safety gear and the necessary guidance to empower your workforce for a secure and efficient work environment. At Krystal12 Safety is not just a priority; it is a promise.Below are some the materials we deal on

Electrical and Arc Flash Protection: Defend against high-intensity electrical exposures.

Eye Protection: Premium materials guard against flying debris and harmful lights.

Face Protection: Full coverage against splashes, sprays and airborne particulates.

Footwear: Designed for challenging terrains, emphasizing safety and comfort.

Hand Protection: Gloves and wrist guards for safe, precise hand movements.

Head Protection: Helmets and hard hats to protect from impacts and falling objects.

Hearing Protection: Top-notch earmuffs and earplugs to preserve your hearing.

High Visibility Clothing: Ensure safety in low light with reflective attire.

Personal Lighting: Light up your work environment for maximum visibility.

Protective Clothing: Protective wear against chemical, heat and physical hazards.

Rainwear: Waterproof gear for optimal dryness and mobility.

Respiratory Protection, Temperature Protection ,Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment, Fall Protection, Fire Safety and Protection, First Aid, Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring, Matting, Safety Alarms and Warning Devices, Safety Storage, Signage, Spill Control ,Traffic Safety


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